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Our Story

Silverline offers a new generation of culinary enjoyment to millions of kitchens in more than 70 countries today. With our innovative designs, expert technologies and environmentally sensitive products, we are one of the top five hood manufactures in Europe and one of the top ten in the world and have a production volume of 2.4 million annually.

Success brings reward. As one of the world's leading built-in brands we are the winners of 160+ international awards, including the most prestigious awards of the world such as Red-dot, Plus X Award, IF Design, German Design Award in the best quality, best product and best design categories.

Vision & Mission

We believe a pleasant time in the kitchen and a unique cooking experience should not be a luxury. This is the basis with which we work when producing our technology and designs. We aim to bring the enjoyment of built-in products to every kitchen and every lifestyle.


To be a reliable brand that makes your life enjoyable.


Transforming kitchens into attractive living spaces with innovative designs and environmentally friendly solutions.